Posh Prawn Cocktail

Posh Prawn Cocktail
10th November 2020 Richard Stuttle

Posh Prawn Cocktail with a Pea Purée

We know it can be a struggle to find the perfect Christmas day starter and we have just the recipe to get started. This comes from Andrew Pern and his team at The Star Inn, Harome. A simple prawn cocktail recipe with a ‘posh’ twist.


Serves 4


    • 180gm Hot-Smoked Salmon, cut into wedges
    • 300gm Cooked Peeled Prawns dressed in Marie Rose Sauce
    • Soft herb salad leaves including chervil


  • For the Pea Purée:
    • 200gm Frozen Peas
    • 40ml Double Cream
    • 40gm Butter
    • 5gm Mint, chopped
    • Seasoning


  • For the Bloody Mary Dressing:
    • 1tbsp Tomato Purée
    • 25ml Vodka
    • A little Avruga Caviar 


First make the pea purée by bringing the cream to the boil and dropping in the butter and stirring until combined. Cook the peas until tender and drain well. Cool slightly and purée in a food processor until smooth. Add to the cream mixture with the fresh mint, check seasoning. Hold at room temperature.


To make the Bloody Mary dressing, combine the tomato purée, vodka and Tabasco, adjusting quantities to taste.



Place some of the purée into the bottom of a Martini glass or similar, then add a mixture of different coloured and textured soft salad leaves and arrange the prawns on the top with 3 salmon wedges per glass. Drizzle the Bloody Mary dressing over the top (or add a swirl of Bloody Mary sorbet, if using) with a little Avruga caviar and dill for garnish.

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